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J. Kale Flagg

J. Kale Flagg is the COO of Von Vesting

Growing up on the Island of Oahu, Hawaiian native J. Kale Flagg always knew he was destined for a professional career. What he didn’t foresee was that it would be in sales and marketing and eventually real estate. As a General Partner in The American Redevelopment Fund, J. Kale Flagg is a respected business leader and well-known driving force behind some of the nation’s best real estate investments – even in a down market.

Early in his career, degree in Economics and Political Sciences from Yale University in hand, J. Kale Flagg worked in the financial markets of Wall Street as a consultant. He eventually tired of the repetitiveness and urban lifestyle and set out to find a new area of interest. What he found was an opportunity to harness a hidden talent – sales. Using a natural ability to teach, J. Kale Flagg created marketing strategies that would catapult both established and start up distribution firms to unparalleled success.

As his need for more challenging prospects grew, J. Kale Flagg expanded his professional portfolio. Today he plays a major role in Stable Development and Array Asset Management, both globally recognized businesses.

J. Kale Flagg is married with four children and resides in Reno, Nevada.

J. Kale Flagg Explains Von Vesting’s Experience

Posted on NOVEMBER 2, 2018 Written by JKALEFLAGG

Over the past decade, J. Kale Flagg and the partners of Von Vesting have purchased and sold over seventeen hundred properties. Von Vesting’s partners have proven their success in navigating the distressed property market for over 12 years. As well, J. Kale Flagg notes that Von Vesting has generated substantial returns for investors. This has been done by implementing management and oversight systems and tools to remove the guesswork and has equated to consistently stellar results, says J. Kale Flagg.

J. Kale Flagg reports that Von Vesting has:

Returned equity investors over 20% IRR in nine (9) of the past twelve (12) years and over 12% IRR in all twelve (12) of the past 12 years

Has worked with varying degrees of capital, peaked with total debt & equity of approximately $49,000,000 (in 2008) Achieved approximately 54% return to equity investors (IRR)(their best to date- 2008) Built $6mm rental fund (purchased, improved and rented approximately fifty two (52) properties for angel investor group)—currently in its 5th year of 7-year plan— estimated 12% non-leveraged cash-on-cash return plus approximately 17% equity Rental Funds are a business J. Kale Flagg explains that Von Vesting understands, knows, and appreciates. According to J. Kale Flagg, Rental Funds are about purchasing with an eye on sustainable and growing rents, equity appreciation, and lowest improvement and maintenance costs possible. In other words, immediate cash flow while time provides appreciation. The flipping model on the other hand, reports J. Kale Flagg, is all about purchasing & improving intelligently while accurately forecasting the sales price that the improved property will sell at quickly. In other words: velocity. J. Kale Flagg notes that Von Vesting has extensive experience and success in both models.

In Q4 2011, reports J. Kale Flagg, Von Vesting launched a new Flip Fund, the American Redevelopment Fund, LP. Since inception, the Fund has raised approximately $2 million in equity and is in current discussion with several other investors who see value in these efforts, says J. Kale Flagg. The Fund will have a minimum of $3.5 million in equity by year-end 2012; J. Kale Flagg says this is an initial goal. The Fund is seeking $10mm to leverage its equity to maximize profits for investors.

J. Kale Flagg is the COO of Von Vesting, a documented, brick & mortar, professionally managed company that has a fully integrated operation to expeditiously source, purchase, renovate, and sell single-family residences in Northern California for profit. With an investment strategy that implements a minimum 10-15% ROI for every property and stresses velocity, Von Vesting is a leader in the redevelopment industry. An average elapsed time (from purchase to close of escrow for vacant properties) of approximately 95 days, enables that 10-15% ROI for each property to replicate approximately three times per year – earning the Fund a 30-45% IRR per year, with 50% of those profits going to investors. According to J. Kale Flagg, the firm has a simple investment philosophy: steal ‘em so you can give ‘em away. In other words, do the hunting to buy extremely low and sell within market comps, but at low enough prices to move inventory quickly to ensure a constantly revolving line of cash and profits.

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